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We're always looking out for companies to help us grow!

We believe in ecosystems that are beneficial for all parties that's why we created an affiliate program that is designed for online media, agencies, complementary event vendors, and others.



The essence of the partnership is that when you recommend and help us secure a new licence client we give you a commission on the licensing fee. Our sales development team will do all the work so you don't have to do anything other than put them in touch with your lead.


Online Media

Do you represent an online media property and think that your visitors would benefit from being able to list events on your website. We help you with a small code snippet that allows you to list the events that are being setup by users referred by you.



Are you selling complementary serviced such AV equipment and hardware rentals for event? If so we are always looking for partners that can be part of our vendor program. We will advise you on recommended hardware and standard rates.

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