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Pricing and Features for organizers.

Engage better with the leading online event platform.

All plans cover the hybrid event essentials, with room to grow.
Event Registration + Virtual Event Platform + Streaming Studio
Marketing & Communication + Hybrid Tools

Forever Free
All of our powerful features but with limited usage.

USD 0/month
The Onlive essentials for smaller teams, with the flexibility to grow.

USD 99/month
For larger teams (5+ seats) that needs a higher base capacity

USD 595/month
For larger businesses, agencies, trade shows or those with special requirements.

To get a price estimate contact our sales team.
Details Summary
Number of Events Unlimited Unlimited Custom
Registrations per month Number of registrations included per month. 150 250 Custom
Extra Registrations $0.40 $2 Custom
Event Length 72h 72h Custom
Custom Branding
Vanity URL A vanity URL is the web address for your registration or virtual event platform. Eg. YourEvent.onlive.events.
Own Domain
Email Credits Unlimited Unlimited Custom
Ticket Commission The ticket commission excludes any third-party costs from Stripe/Paypal/Xero. 5% 3% Custom
Seats (admin) Accounts The number of team members that your plan includes. For more information see FAQ below the features table. 1 5 Custom
Additional Seats $89/mo $89/mo Custom
SLA 99% 99.5%
Support Terms Live Chat/Help Desk +Email +Named Agent
Onboarding Session
China Accelerator (CDN)
Event Registration
Free or paid ticket
Private ticket
Invite only event
Group Registrations
Discount Vouchers
Custom form fields
Sessions with capacity
Password protected
Xero invoicing Integration
Stripe, Paypal integration
Coinpayments crypto integration
Basic Reporting
Waiting Lists
Advanced reporting
Customize CSS/HTML
Virtual Event Platform
Agenda & Speakers
Q&A, Quiz, Poll, Wordcloud
Concurrent Streams
File Downloads
Sponsor Rooms
Heatmap Reports
Magic link login A magic link is a unique direct link that allows your guests to directly login to the platform without typing any password.
Streaming Studio
Web Studio
Speaker Chat
Stream Recorded Video
On-demand playbacks
RTMP Support RTMP is used to connect professional studio equipment or third-party uCaaS platforms such as Zoom to Onlive
Schedule pre-recordings (soon)
Simulcasting Simulcasting allows you to simultaneously broadcast your stream to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch and more.
Simultaneous Interpretation
Marketing & Communication
Email Designer
Automated Confirmation
Email Reminders
Email Invitations
Email Personalization
Email Calendar Files
Email Booking Summary
Email Attachments
Custom Email Address
Google Analytics integration
Intercom integration
Google GTM integration
Salesforce integration
Hybrid Tools
QR Code Check-in App
Brother Printer Support
Apple Air Print Support
Zebra Printer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the monthly credits work?

Unutilized credits rolls over to the following month, so if you started with 150 only used 50, you will start the next month with 250 credits. Hence, you will keep accruing usage credits as long as you are on a plan with us. If you exceed your credit limit your card will be deducted for additional usage at the end of the month.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment for monthly plans are by credit card on a monhtly basis. We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa and Mastercard). Once a purchase is completed you will receive a reciept via email. In addition you can download your payment receipts from our dashboard. For premium annual payments and professional plans we do offer pre payment through bank transfer.

What is a seat?

Seats are the number of admin accounts that needs to have connected to your account. These accounts can be either co-owners, collaborators, observers, or studio moderators. Additional seats beyond what is included in your plan cost US $89 per month and can be added and removed as you please.

What happens if I need more credits?

In the event that you need to use more credits than what your monthly/annual plan includes, the additional usage will be charged to your credit card on a monthly basis. For example if your plan includes 150 registration credits and you used 200 credits, you will be charged for 50 x $0.40= $20 the next month.

What happens if i terminate my account?

You can terminate at any time and you will only pay for the usage that month. When you terminate your data will be purged within 30 days so we recommend that you backup what you need. If you decide to come back and host a new event with us you will therefor need to start fresh and cannot duplicate your event.

Do you offer any discounts for nonprofits?

We certainly do. Contact us and send us your documentation and we will send you a discount voucher.

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