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Group 79
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Subscription Plan
USD 199*
Per month
One-Time Plan
USD 3,990*
Per Event
Free Plan
Key Features
Includes up to 250 attendees per year, across unlimited events.
Upgrade as you go, for only the features that you need
Use for free. Forever and always. Need we say more?
Paid Tickets + 3% transaction fee + 3% transaction fee Not Supported
Team Members 3 Unlimited Unlimited
White-label Yes Yes -
Third-party Integrations Yes Yes -
Live Streaming 500 hours 500 hours -
Guest Registration
Onlive Branding - - Yes
Website Builder (CMS) Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate Website Yes - -
Multiple Ticket Types Yes Yes Yes
Individual Registrations Yes Yes Yes
Import guests Yes Yes -
Group Registrations Yes Yes -
Payment Integrations Stripe and Paypal are supported off-the-shelf. Yes Yes -
Agenda/Programme Yes Yes Yes
Session Booking Yes Yes -
Speaker Admin Yes Yes -
Sponsor Admin Yes Yes -
Confirmation Email Yes Yes Yes
Confirmation SMS Yes Yes -
Custom Domain & Email Yes Yes -
Private Website Yes Yes -
Waiting List Yes Yes -
Transfer of tickets Yes Yes -
CSS Upload Yes Yes -
SSL Encrypted Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid Event App
Onlive Branding No No Yes
Premium Streaming Hours One streaming hour per attendee is included. Additional hours can be purchased. 1h 1h 0h
Youtube Stream Hours Youtube Live account is required. 3h 3h 1h
Studio Manager Yes Yes Yes
Hosts/Sessions Unlimited Unlimited 1
Speaker Streaming Room Yes Yes Yes
Download Streams Yes Yes -
Simulcast Hours Simulcasting allows you to in parallel to stream to your app, to cast to the following social networks:
Facebook Live
YouTube Live
Twitter Periscope
1h 1h 0h
Q&A / Polls / Survey Yes Yes Yes
Agenda/Programme Yes Yes Yes
Video call Networking Yes Yes -
Book Sessions Yes Yes -
Meeting Booking Yes Yes -
Business Matching Yes Yes -
Contact Sharing Yes Yes -
Notifications Yes Yes -
Speakers Yes Yes -
Sponsors Yes Yes -
Organizers Yes Yes -
Maps & Directions Yes Yes -
Participant List Yes Yes -
Messaging Yes Yes -
File Download Yes Yes -
Activity Feed Yes Yes -
Leaderboard Yes Yes -
Email Designer & Sender Yes Yes Yes
Email credits Unlimited 1500 -
SMS Yes Yes -
Guest check-in
Onlive Branding No No Yes
QR Code check-in Yes Yes Yes
Name Search Yes Yes Yes
Session Check-In Yes Yes -
Facial Recognition check-in Contingent on using Onlive for online registration. Yes Yes -
Walk-In Registration Yes Yes Yes
Name Badge Printing Yes Yes -
Basic Reports Yes Yes Yes
Revenue Reports Yes Yes -
Heat Maps Yes - -
Benchmark Previous Events Yes - -
Custom Charts Yes - -
Facebook Pixel Yes Yes -
Google Analytics Yes Yes -
Google Site Verification Yes Yes -
Google Tag Manager Yes Yes -
HubSpot Tracking Yes Yes -
Intercom Yes Yes -
LinkedIn Insight Yes Yes -
Payment Integrations Yes Yes -
Salesforce No No -
+1500 more via Zapier By linking Zapier.com we can support over 1500 other integrations Yes Yes -
Helpdesk Library Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Support - - -
Event Duplication Yes - -
Import from past event Yes - -
Group 79
Can't decide?
Subscription Plan
USD 199*
Per month
One-Time Plan
USD 3,990*
Per Event
Free Plan
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