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The FREE QR code guest check in app with badge printing and live data

Check in
and Badging

We know that attendance data is crucial for organisers. Our solution seamlessly combines attendance tracking and badge printing at your event.

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Step 1

SMS or Email Reminder

Make sure that your event is at the top of your guests' minds by sending them SMS or email reminders! Include information about your event and a handy link to their QR code to make the whole process even more seamless.


Step 2

Checking In Onsite

We currently support the following check-in options:

QR code check-in

Facial Recognition

Name search


We can bring it back to basics with a simple name search for your guests. If they do not have their QR code on them, they can simply check in by typing their name.

Step 3

Printing Name Badges

Your guests can immediately print their badges on a medium of your choice the moment that they have checked in at your event.

Step 4

Personalise Welcome Messages

Include a personalised welcome message on your check in kiosk and provide any information that you might think is necessary. The information can be personalised as well - for example, you can tell each guest which table they are seated at!

Step 5

Register walk-ins immediately

You don't have to miss out on the data of your walk in registrations. Our check in solution easily lets you collect that information onsite within the same app.

Step 6

Reports and live statistics available

One of the most crucial things for any event organiser is the data that you get from it. Supported by AI, we provide comprehensive reports from your event so that you know that demographics behind those numbers.

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